Prius Update :: It Works!

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OK, so it got pummeled by golfball-sized hail, but my Prius is truly a cool piece of technology. The greenie in me loves the high-mileage low-impact stats, but the geek in me loves the intricate hybrid power system. Learning to trick out my foot to maximize mpg is just the start of it. I’m already thinking about the EV Mode hack so I can creep around in battery mode – so, watch out!

Some thoughts…

  • I averaged 43.8 and 46.8 mpg on the first two tanks. This is pretty good, but there’s room for improvement. If I had more interstate and fewer bridges between work and home, I could edge that up.

  • I managed to get a huge load of lumber home from Lowe’s the other day. I’ve also had bags of mulch, pine straw, top soil, and a group of 5 people in it as well.
  • I like talking to the other Prius owners as much as the Prius prospects – they’re a chatty crew.
  • Cheers to my friend Ben for introducing the term “hybrid rage” to my lexicon. Having SUV’s get all up in my business when I’m rolling steady on battery makes me laugh.
  • Sometimes I can’t find it in the parking lot because it is so small. See photo…

And yes, I’m still wondering how all the US auto makers failed to have Toyota’s vision. It just re-enforces that notion that as Americans, the only votes that count are the ones we make with our dollars.

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