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Local businesses, organizations, people, growers, and movements are the heart and soul of every local green scene. The Go Green Local Guide is a great place to look for local eco-friendly options (check the sidebar…down and to the right → ↓ ) Here are a few new additions: Muenda Fair Trade — Amazing fair trade […]

Charleston Green Fair Roundup

I’m still a little blown away by what went down yesterday at the 2008 Charleston Green Fair. I mean, 1st Annual? You would have thought it was the 10th annual. In short, it was an amazing event, and every volunteer, exhibitor, vendor, and Charleston resident should be proud. I had a great time talking to […]

I recently got turned-on to a couple of green blogs (Carolina Green Sense and Charleston Moves Blog), and that got me thinking: Go Green needs a eco blog roll for the Local Guide. Blogging is a great way to reach your audience in an interactive, timely, and inexpensive way – not to mention that it’s […]

I’ve been in Montréal, Quebec for the last 5 days, and this has kept me from posting here at Go Green (sorry about that). But the silver lining is that I am able to get a feel for what another city is doing to reduce it’s impact. Overall, Montréal certainly felt more progressive than most […]

Earth Day Festival Roundup

The 2008 Earth Day Festival in Park Circle was a great event, and we’d like to thank everyone for coming out and seeing us. We spoke to 463 people (I had a counter in my pocket), and I feel like our interactive waste-free booth was in perfect alignment with the event. Visitors seemed to be […]

Most recycling programs only accept plastics #1 and #2, so being able to quickly identify them can be a time saver when sorting your recycling. In the future, we should be able to recycle plastics #3 through #7 — but for now these outcasts must be banished to the landfill (that’s too bad, because a […]

Reader Comment Roundup

Ahhhhh, how we love when you all leave comments. In fact, that’s one of the main benefits of this site: the ability to work together as a community to become more sustainable. The more ideas we share, the more results we’ll see. Here are some of your great ideas from the past few weeks: On […]

Reader Comment Roundup :: Ideas

What really makes this site useful is the amazing ideas we get from readers just like you. Leaving comments here on the blog is a great way to help the community by sharing your knowledge. Check out some of the great ideas that readers have recently left… On Mt. Styrofoam, Jaime says: Have you guys […]

Go Green Comment Roundup

As this site and community grows, we are seeing some amazing contributions from readers just like you. If we continue to work together and share local tips, we will help ourselves and others walk the green road. With that said, here are some of my favorite comments from the last couple weeks. On Bottled Water-free […]

Local Green Roundup

Here are a few stories I found that I thought you might want to see: Walking and biking are great ways to decrease your impact. Now you can hop on the Ravenel bridge and go a 1/2 mile longer. The turtles are back on Folly and IOP! I found the LEEP blog, but it doesn’t […]

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