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Greening up is an adventure — every time something breaks or wears out, I get to sniff out an eco-replacement. Sometime it’s toilet paper, a car, or bed sheets, but last week it was printer paper. Paper products are great because we can easily close the loop, a green behavior critical to sustainable consumer activity. […]

Most recycling programs only accept plastics #1 and #2, so being able to quickly identify them can be a time saver when sorting your recycling. In the future, we should be able to recycle plastics #3 through #7 — but for now these outcasts must be banished to the landfill (that’s too bad, because a […]

Reader Comment Roundup

Ahhhhh, how we love when you all leave comments. In fact, that’s one of the main benefits of this site: the ability to work together as a community to become more sustainable. The more ideas we share, the more results we’ll see. Here are some of your great ideas from the past few weeks: On […]

We’re now into February, and the compost pile I started last fall is really coming into it’s own. Here’s a quick update. The pile is about 2-feet deep now. And except for the edges, it has an even consistency throughout. Jen has started bringing home used Starbucks coffee grounds from the Longpoint Road location. They […]

My little guys have celebrated their birthday parties, thus far, at our home. They’re young, and can entertain each other with no more than glow sticks in a darkened room. We love throwing these parties — they’re simple! And since we’re in control of the details, what little waste we accumulate is just from plain […]

Save the Date! On May 16 and 17, Natural Awakenings magazine will be hosting South Carolina’s 1st Annual Green Living Festival. Sandy Anderson is organizing the event, and she is expecting over 60 exhibitors on hand to share their environmentally-friendly products and services with all attendees. The event will be held both days at the […]

There is an article in today’s Post & Courier that shares information about the area’s hazardous waste disposal sites: From “Charleston County sees light on recycling bulbs“: Here’s where you can throw out your compact fluorescent bulbs and other household hazardous waste in Charleston County: Bees Ferry Road Convenience Center, 1344 Bees Ferry Road. Adams Run […]

A great way to reduce your environmental impact is to practice a sustainable lifestyle – and that includes eating locally. Our meals travel an average of 1500 miles, and that’s a whole lot of trucks, boxes, coolers, and packaging – we can’t keep that up forever. We’ve got it good here in Charleston – long […]

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