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Avoiding the Bottled Water

I see that we may crack 9o degrees for the first time this year, and just thinking about that makes me thirsty. I’ve been avoiding bottled water when possible, but it’s just so tempting to pick one up when I’m out and about with the fam. I just wish that single-use plastic bottle didn’t symbolize […]

People want to make a difference! I just got turned on to The Little Green Bag Project, and I’m stoked. This is what we need. People working together with local businesses to educate and change behavior one person at a time. Awendaw resident Jennifer Mathis started this initiative with 13 sponsors and 300 bags. She […]

Weekly Trashed

Sometimes trash day really bums me out… it reminds me that some people just don’t seem to care. On my way out in the morning, I always see something sad. Today was no exception.

The Recycling Newsletter

Hey, I just got Volume 30 of “For Land’s Sake”, Charleston County Solid Waste’s Spring/Summer 2007 newsletter, and I read the whole thing. Good stuff. Here’s some notes: What I liked… The new “Curbside Recycling Calendar” was a long time coming – thank-you. It features a zone map of pickup days, scheduled holidays and make-up […]

Mayor Joe Riley says they’re going to do it, and that’s a start. As reported by the Post and Courier, Mayor Riley has renewed this mission by naming the Charleston Green Committee. This is great news, and reflects Mayor Riley’s commitment to follow the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement which he signed in 2005. Here […]

Despite being a couple weeks behind schedule, I thought I’d go ahead and install the site on Earth Day.  We can just finish up the development online…you won’t mind, right? This site is for all of us in the Charleston area.  Creating a sustainable future is going to be an intensely local undertaking, and we […]

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